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It's that time again!

You know what I'm talking about. The kids dread it and the parents are counting down the days. That's right.


Vera Bradley has already launched their new products for this upcoming school year. We have mechanical pencils, highlighters, gel pens, agendas, lunch boxes, backpacks and so much more to brighten up your little ones (or big ones) school year! Want to see the new patterns? Here we go!

First up is Lilac Tapestry. So far this has been the most popular! Such a good purple paisley with pops of teal!

Next up is something that is quite different for Vera. It is called Pop Art. It's coordinating pattern is shown in that turn lock wallet in the picture, and it is called Art Poppies. Art Poppies is the new breast cancer awareness pattern for this year.

And then we have Northern Lights (the pattern on the cup). Kind of reminds you of Canterbury Magenta, doesn't it?! It's coordinating pattern is called Northern Stripes. It brings in some pops of orange and fuchsia next to those black and white geometric patterns.

And there you have it! Which one is your favorite? We love Lilac Tapestry so far. But sometimes by the end of the season we have a new favorite!

Don't forget we still have our Charleston location in the City Market which is open Monday through Sunday 9:30-6. We are in the Summerville warehouse a few days a week and will always let you know through Facebook and emails what the hours will be for the upcoming week.

Vera does not let her specialty retailers sell merchandise through their websites. If you have been looking and haven't seen it, that is why!

Let us know if you are looking for a special piece and we will do everything we can to track it down for you (except retired patterns). We can take phone orders or send you an invoice to your email address if you can't make it to one of our locations.


Passing Fancy

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